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Astromezz has just completed a 25,000sq.ft mezzanine floors with structural steelwork as well as partitions and a complete office refurbishment for a client in Runcorn. The partition was Skimmed stud and Track and the mezzanine floor was for office use. Well done to all involved.

At Astromezz we manufacture our own Pallet Loading Safety Gates, these we can supply for self fitting or we can fit them for you. They can be supplied in assorted finishes, the example pictures here show's a Pallet Safety Gate with a Powder Coat for a tough high quality end result.



Astromezz like to recommend the use of Pallet Loading Safety Gates where pallet loading is required onto a mezzanine or other raised floor due to main fact of a constant safety rail preventing danger and injury by falling.

The gate systems can also be supplied with Toe Plates and Wear Plates to prevent damage to the high traffic areas.

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