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Astromezz has just completed a 25,000sq.ft mezzanine floors with structural steelwork as well as partitions and a complete office refurbishment for a client in Runcorn. The partition was Skimmed stud and Track and the mezzanine floor was for office use. Well done to all involved.

Mezzanine floors are used as a means of utilising space that is often un-used within industrial units and warehouses. As long as you have enough headroom above and below, a mezzanine floor offers a cost effective alternative to moving to larger premesis.

A mezzanine floor can be used for many applications. From light storage or heavy-duty loading, to work or office space areas.

The possibilities are endless..

No matter what size or shape you require, an Astromezz floor could be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. They can be installed over existing blockwork or partitioned areas so making use of all usable space within your premesis.

All Astromezz floors are designed to current British Standards and conform to current structural recommendations set by Building Control. We also submit all calculations, drawings and details to the Local Authority and gain Building Regulations Approval on your behalf.

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