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Astromezz has just completed a 25,000sq.ft mezzanine floors with structural steelwork as well as partitions and a complete office refurbishment for a client in Runcorn. The partition was Skimmed stud and Track and the mezzanine floor was for office use. Well done to all involved.

Astromezz manufacture their own stair systems, be it single or multi flight, standard or ambulant, all our stair systems satisfy the requirements of The Building Regulations.

Stair systems are custom made to meet your requirements

Maybe a comforting wooden finish.

 Or a sharp clean Corporate Stainless Steel finish.

Astromezz can meet your requirements

A Catladder can be a cost effective alternative means of escape, having a small foot-print there is little effect on available floor space.
Astromezz also manufacture, supply and fit (if required) handrailing systems that meet the requirements of BS6180: 1999.
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