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Astromezz has just completed a 25,000sq.ft mezzanine floors with structural steelwork as well as partitions and a complete office refurbishment for a client in Runcorn. The partition was Skimmed stud and Track and the mezzanine floor was for office use. Well done to all involved.

  • Base plates: Hot rolled Mild steel plate secured to the floor with sleeve anchors. Size is dictated by height and usage of floor.

  • Columns: Rolled Hollow Section, can vary in size from 60 x 60mm to 180 x 180mm for larger spans
  • Main Beam: Universal Beam sometimes known as ‘I' beam.

  • All the above painted in an air drying eggshell paint.

  • Secondary Beam: Manufactured from quality steel to BSEN10327:2004 and BSEN10326:2004 with a minimum yield stress of 390 N/mm², pre hot dipped galvanized finish to BSEN6147:1993 and coating Z275.galvanised steel.

  • Decking Board: 38mm High Density Particle board. Also available in moisture resistant and non slip grey finish.

  • Handrail: Positioned around all exposed edges of floor. 1.1m overall height, knee rail half way up with posts every 1.5metres. Kick board to bottom if required.

  • Sliding or "up and over" gates: To give pallet access to the mezzanine level, these can be recessed or affixed on the front face. Chequer aluminium wear plates to deck level optional.

  • Staircase: range from 1000mm wide single flight staircase for storage platforms to 1500mm ambulant stairs with mid landing for retail environment. Constructed from mild steel stringers flat plate treads with non-slip coating and hi-vis nosing.

  • Fire Cladding: A requirement if the general public is admitted or if the mezzanine floor covers more than 50% of the overall building. Column cases in galvanised or white PVC finish to uprights, suspended ceiling and fascia board to exposed edges of the mezzanine give 1 hour fire rating to the floor.

  • Building Regulations: It is required that all mezzanine floors obtain Building Regulations approval.

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