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Astromezz has just completed a 25,000sq.ft mezzanine floors with structural steelwork as well as partitions and a complete office refurbishment for a client in Runcorn. The partition was Skimmed stud and Track and the mezzanine floor was for office use. Well done to all involved.

Mezzanine Floor Boarding Information


Strebord Flooring

Strebord was developed - and continues to evolve - in partnership with customers in the mezzanine floor and storage platform market. All mezzanine floor providers whether large or small have specific requirements to meet and problems to solve.

We are committed to building close links with customers to help them achieve those ends. Product design, special sizes, coatings or profile format, pricing relationships and excellent deliveries are all part of this service commitment. In-house expertise on technical and legislative issues, plus efficient distribution through a strategically placed network of UK stock holding facilities, underpin this high level of service.

Now in our 20th year Strebord has become the market leader in mezzanine flooring for storage. Falcon Panel Products intends to maintain this position by continuing to supply the right product to the industry at the right price and at the right time.

Strebord is a range of heavy duty, 38mm wood particleboard floor panels developed with the major suppliers of mezzanine floors and storage platforms to meet their specialised needs.

Engineered by leading chipboard product manufacturers, Strebord features unique T & G profiling. Consistency of quality and specification from board to board ensures straightforward installation, a neat, professional finish and high user satisfaction.

Strebord is the No 1 choice in the vast majority of installations in the UK and abroad.

For 20 years, Falcon Panel Products has supplied Strebord to over 500 UK projects a year - from large-scale warehousing contracts for the major operators to relatively modest space-saving structures built by smaller independent storage specialists.


Strebord is offered with a unique T & G profile to two long sides. Performance is at or above the appropriate levels for types C P5 and C P6 wood particleboards (as defined in BS EN 312-5:1997 and BS EN 312-6:1997 respectively). Standard panel sizes are 2100/2400/2440mm x 600mm TG2. Special sizes are available to order.

Strebord C P6 is a heavy duty wood particleboard suitable for most storage applications.

Strebord C P5 is an extra moisture-resistant (MR) panel for use in humid conditions. It is manufactured to meet growing industry demand for a board that can cope with damp or hostile environments. For identification purposes, Strebord MR panels are unique in having an easily identifiable green core construction.


Strebord is environmentally friendly, manufactured principally by Norbord, using wood from sustainable forests. It conforms with current formaldehyde emission classes to BS EN 120 - perforator test method.


Silver Foil Falcon Panel Products works closely with dedicated panel processors such as TFS on Merseyside to offer Strebord in various protective finishes. Reliable, consistent end effective, these can be applied to one or both surfaces. Class '0' flame-retardant reflective foil, applied to the underside, provides excellent fire performance characteristics. Available in Silver and white foil maximising the benefits of light reflection.

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